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Do you know anything about the origin of the art of paper folding, usually associated with Japanese culture? Origami models have the symbolism implied of being made as a gift or offer to someone.

I always liked origami. I started folding models very early when I was a child and thanks to that I met a lot of nice people around the world. đŸ€—

I have already given origami classes as a volunteer in Colombia, Brazil, and Australia. Last year, together with my colleagues from the Brisbane Origami Group, we set up a wonderful display of origami insects and other invertebrates for an event of the Queensland Entomological Society.

Practicing origami has a number of benefits. In addition to being great to improve motricity, memory and creativity, they relieve everyday stress and tension and develop patience. And of course, Origami is fun!

What do you think? Didn't they look beautiful? 😍

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