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Cartoon Mushroom Earrings

In addition to insects and arachnids, Bugs and Beads it is in love for fungi. The interest comes from my research on insect-fungus interaction. These earrings, which are made of stainless steel findings and acrylic charms, represent beautiful colored mushrooms. In addition to the beauty of this art, they bring another meaning: With each sale of fungi jewellery, Bugs and Beads reverts part of the profit to The Queensland Mycological Society, Australia, a non-profit organization that supports the study, research and conservation of QLD macrofungi.

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=================== Além dos insetos, a Bugs and Beads tem grande encantamento pelos fungos. O interesse vem do trabalho que sempre desenvolvi sobre interação inseto-fungo. . Esses brincos, que são feitos de aço cirúrgico, representam lindos Cogumelos Coloridos. Além da beleza da arte, eles trazem outro significado: A cada venda de uma bijuteria de fungo, a Bugs and Beads, reverte parte do valor para a Sociedade de Micologia de Queensland, Austrália, ONG que promove o estudo, a pesquisa e a conservação dos fungos em QLD. #MushroomHunter #MushroomHunting #fungihunter #Mushroomfarming #fungilovers #ilovemushrooms #fungilove #fungi #fungus #mycology

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