Earthstar Mushroom Sterling Silver Earrings

  • Now you can wear Earthstars on your ears! The Earthstar mushroom is rather amazing. Its outer layer peels back to form the star shape from which it gets its name, revealing a spore sac. They aren't precisely edible, although some species of Earthstars have been eaten.

    These beautiful Earthstars studs earrings were proudly handmade and designed in Australia by Rebeca-Anne do Rozario. These sterling silver earrings are individually sawn and shaped, so no two will look alike. The spore sac is fashioned from a handmade sterling silver bead, so they won't be heavy to wear. With a satin finish, they'll provide a unique, stylish accent to your attire.

    The ear studs are sterling silver, so they are great for people with nickel or other base metal allergies/sensitivities.

    Materials:  925 sterling silver.

    Size: 20 mm x 20 mm

    Weight: 5 grams

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