Mushroom Gift Pack

  • Colorful, cheerful and useful, this beautiful Fungi Gift Pack is a super authentic gift for your special person that loves fungi and mushrooms.

    It includes: 

    🍄A pair of Amanita dangles earrings (stainless steel)

    🍄 A pair of tiny ceramic mushroom studs 

    🍄 A fly agaric pin 

    🍄 A Toadstool with snail brooch  

    🍄 A mushroom keyring

    🍄 Mushroom sticky notes

    🍄 A fly agaric greetings card made by @alicia_rogerson_art

    🍄 A field guide for identification of Tropical fungi in Australia

    This super charming kit, filled with great products will come with extra surprises from Bugs and Beads! 😍😍

    Price: Just $74.50

    RRP: $110