Solid Silver & Titanium Scarab Pendant with retractable wings

  • This amazing Scarab Beetle Necklace was proudly handmade and designed in Australia by Luke Abbot Designs. This kinetic piece move its wings. The mechanism works simply, just move one wing and the other follows as if by magic (see video). It is made with solid sterling silver with retractable titanium wings. Each piece has been meticulously heat coloured using a hand held torch. Because this method is affected by small inconsistencies in atmosphere, material and technique, it ensures that no two pieces are completely alike. As a result, colours on the website can only be used as a guide when choosing your Luke Abbot Designs jewellery.

    The necklace is sterling silver, so it is great for people with nickel or other base metal allergies/sensitivities.

    Materials:  Solid sterling silver beetle with titanium retractable wings. 925 Sterling silver necklace.

    Size: 30mm x 15mm silver beetle, 45mm wide with open wings, 46 cm necklace.

    Weight: 19 grams

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