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Team Members and Invited Artists

True Talents


Vivian Sandoval

Founder, Jewellery maker and saleswoman

I have been always "obsessed" with insects and fungi (due to my career) and because of that, I started collecting a lot of handmade crafts inspired by insects and mushrooms. Then I started making my own insect/fungi jewellery and collectables. This hobby became a business idea, and now I am also promoting the artwork of other people that make insect and fungi collectables and jewellery.


Anna Kucharski


Anna photographs the products, assists in writing product descriptions and updates the online shop and website.  
"One of my interests is photography and I like photographing nature, anything that I find interesting and colourful, and especially my dolls.  With doll photography, I like to pose them and play around with lighting to try and get them looking their best.  I think I have "the eye" for a good picture. Most of the time.  :)    "

Instagram: @anna.k101


Teresinha Nolasco

Social media manager

"I have always been passionate about communicating, interacting! For 20 years I have been writing on blogs as a form of interaction, entertainment, and expansion of writing and thoughts.
The art of communication is wonderful, with it we discover people, situations, and things that enlarge our minds and souls.
In addition, through social media and internet in general, I found the possibility, informally or professionally, of showing with simplicity everything I like, which I believe, enabling me in many ways to learn, teach and listen to the needs of people or professionals, who like me, also like or need this exchange.
Every day I learn, be inspired and inspire with my mere communication!

Instagram: @bolhinhasdesabaoparamaria -


Leonardo Fernandes

Software developer

Leo manages the software systems used for inventory and sales.


Catherine Walker

Embrodery - Artist.  New Artwork!

"I am in my early twenties and based in Brisbane, Australia. I have been fond of art since I was very young, having tried many different styles and mediums. Sewing was what stuck to me the most, and while I enjoy all types of sewing very much, hand-sewn embroideries are what I am most known for. I am inspired by pop-culture and by nature, with those being some of my greatest passions"

Instagram: @fagcentral - Etsy shop: CathsCraftsAU


Seff Mudge

Fineline Pen - Artist. More artwork comming soon!

"Thinking back, detailed black and white drawing has always been my main approach to art. When I was a kid, sketching with my dad's black Bic pens was my favourite thing to do. The simplicity of not worrying about colour and only focusing on how much detail I could inject into my drawings is likely to be the driving force behind why I took this approach at such a young age.

Nowadays my subject matter is often quite dark, but within the last couple of years I've branched out into the world of mushrooms and bugs. Even these seemingly new artistic explorations are certainly a tie back to my childhood of catching grasshoppers and spotting fresh mushrooms in the yard after a night of rain. I’ve linked the refreshed visitation of these themes to my growing passion of plants and gardening. I really love the natural forms that these newfound subjects offer without the need to alter anything… but in certain cases I do like to add in my own twist."

Instagram: @vividblackartistry -

Projects: Meet The Team
Jessa - Cicada.JPG

Jessa Thurman

Insect Photographer - Artist.  Artwork comming soon!

Jessa Thurman is an entomology PhD student and insect photographer. She moved to Australia from the US in 2018 and has since been documenting little the little wonders of the insect world here as much as possible. What she enjoys most about macro-photography is how her camera can function as a microscope on the natural world. Fine details are revealed and the beauty of insects is emphasized with a closer look.

Instagram: @justanothernakedape -

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